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Full line of garage door repair services.


Phoenix spring repair

Garage door spring repair in Phoenix Arizona

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door repair services and garage door spring repair.

A broken spring immediately makes your garage unusable.  A broken spring will make the garage door inoperable usually trapping your vehicle inside.  You won’t be able to lift the garage door to get your can in or out.

We know that you require immediate assistance when your garage door spring breaks, so we offer fast one hour service.  We will dispatch one of our expert service technicians within the hour to go to your home and professionally repair your garage door spring.  Day or night, 7 days a week, we are here to help you when you are in need of garage door spring repair.

We guarantee the most professional expertise when handling your garage door repair service needs, at the most competive prices in the industry.



LiftMaster Garage Door Opener installationGarage Door Openers


We install garage door openers from all major manufactures, such as Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain, Skylink, Linear and we can service all the garage door openers from manufactures such as Sears, Craftsman,  and more.

Whether you have a belt drive, chain drive, screw drive or jackshaft opener, our qualified service technicians will repair your current unit or install a new quality garage door opener that will provide you many years of reliable service.

When thinking about a new garage door opener, there are many convenience and safety features that you may want to consider.  Some of the features of a new garage door opener are as follows:

  1. Power: The standard two-car garage door is best served with a 1/2-horsepower garage door opener.  A lighter on-car garage door can use a less powerful motor.  On the other hand, if you have a heavy door, such as a carriage door, a 3/4-horsepower is recommended.  If you are in doubt, always default to the more powerful motor because there is not a big cost difference.
  2. Safety features:  All garage door openers installed after 1993 are required to have a safety mechanism that stops and reverses the garage door when an object passes beneath it.  This reverse mechanism can save damage to property and more importantly, can save lives.  This feature should be regularly tested to make sure it is operating properly.
  3. Lights:  Not something new, but new models can turn on the opener light when someone walks into an open garage.  The garage door opener light can add much needed light for you to get through your garage safely.
  4. Battery backup:  You don’t want to be stuck in your garage when the power goes out.  If you are prown to occasional power outages, you may want to consider a unit that has a battery backup system.
  5. Keyless entry pad:  Used more than you think, a keyless entry pad can offer great convenience to getting into your garage or home.
  6. Professional models” vs “Do it yourself models”:  Manufacturers make separate products for professional installers and the do-it-yourself installer.  Although the units are extremely similar, the do-it-yourself models are made to fit into a car.  The professional installer unit will have a one piece rail unit.  This can make the unit stronger, reduce flex, and prolong the life of the unit.
  7. Opener types: 
    1. Chain-drive units or the oldest style and are typically the most economical.  Although they work fine, they can be very noisy during operation, and over time, the chain can stretch.
    2. Screw-drive units are less noisy and with less moving parts, require little maintenance.
    3. Belt-drive units are identical to chain-drive units except that they operate with a commercial grade rubber belt.  These are the quitest type of garage door opener and typically cost a bit more than the others.


Phoenix garage doors


Phoenix garage door panel repairGarage Door Panel Repair


Garage door panels can be easily repaired or replaced.  The most common damage to a garage door panel is the accidental hit from a car.  If your garage door panel is damaged from hitting the panel, or if your panel is separating or warping, we can easily replace your panel so your garage door looks like new again.

Most panel designs have been around for decades, so replacing your panel with the exact same design is usually not a problem.  Custom garage doors can save money with panel replacement vs. replacing the entire door.  If the panels are coming apart due to age, you should consider allowing us to quote you a price on a new door.  If your panels are going bad due to age, you may be putting a temporary fix on a problem that will continue.  Ask our service reps if you have any questions about the life expectency of your current door.  If your door has years of good life, we will tell you.  If it should be replaced, we will suggest that to you also.  Honesty is always the best policy at Total Garage Doors.  Our mission is to provide a full-line of garage door repair services and affordable prices.


Garage door sales and service


Phoenix garage doorsGarage Door Parts


There are many parts to a garage door which can become worn or broken.  Items such as torsion and extension springs, rollers, track, hinges, cables, seals, sensors, jamp brackets, can become worn or broken.  If you see any items on the garage door that are not working properly, we suggest that you immediately contact a qualified garage door technician.

We keep parts on hand to handle all your repair needs and can repair your garage door quickly and efficiently.  Keep your garage door in top mechanical condition, and it will reward you with many years of reliable service.  Let Total Garage Door be your source for keeping your garage door working properly.


 Helpful Hints to maintaining your garage door.


The garage door is typically the largest moving part in your home and is probably used every day. With normal use, garage door parts can wear out and break, creating potential safety problems and creating the need to hire a service like TOTAL Garage Door to handle your garage door repair services needs. There are a few light maintenance duties and inspections a mechanically inclined person can perform to ensure maximum safety and increase the life of their door.

Check the garage door springs, rollers, hinges and safety devices to be sure they are fastened securely and in proper working order.

Check the balance of the door by lifting it a few feet off the ground and releasing. The door should not travel more than a couple of inches in either direction. If the door drops to the ground then your garage door springs either need adjusting or replacing. When operated manually a garage door should go up and down smoothly.

In the event of spring failure extension springs can cause severe damage if they are not contained. If the door’s springs don’t already have safety garage door cables installed, now would be a good time to get them installed. Remember even the highest quality springs eventually wear and break.

Replace springs if they show signs of wear such as uneven gaps between the coils, bent or damaged ends.

Inspect the cables for fray. Replace frayed cables immediately. Check the pulleys for nicks or excessive wear that can cause damage to the cable. Replace worn pulleys if necessary.

Verify that the garage door tracks are level and plumb. Track should line up parallel to the door sections without binding. Ensure that the lag screws securing the garage door track brackets to the jambs are secure. Replace bent, missing or rusted lags immediately.

Tighten all hinge and bracket screws, bear in mind that garage door bottom brackets are under extreme tension when the door is closed and can cause serious injury if accidentally or deliberately loosened or removed. Replace bent or broken hinges. Check the door’s rollers for excessive wobble and replace as necessary.

All garage door openers manufactured and installed after 1991 are required by law to have a reversing mechanism. Garage door openers manufactured and installed after 1993 are required to have photo eyes connected at the bottom of the track to trigger the reverse mechanism when an infrared beam is broken. A defective or improperly adjusted reversing mechanism on your garage door opener could cause damage, injury and possibly death. Check your door opener regularly to be sure that the reversing mechanism is in proper working order.

Lubricate rollers, hinge pivots, pulleys, torsion springs coils, bearings and the electric opener chain and sprockets.

With periodic inspections and maintenance the average garage door can safely provide many years of trouble free performance.

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